Association of Convenience Stores Report Launch

The Association of Convenience Stores have launched their 2020 Welsh Local Shop Report at the Welsh Assembly, recognising and detailing the important role that convenience stores play to the Welsh economy and in local communities.

Findings from the report revealed that 62% of local shops in Wales operate in rural locations, providing essential services to their local communities which customers may otherwise not have access to, these include bill payment services (79%), cash machines (68%) and Post Offices (25%).

The average customer in Wales visits their local shop four times per week and 46% of shoppers in Wales drive to store, versus the 38% average in the UK.

I’ve long supported local shops in my constituency because they play a key role in the lives of the customers who visit these stores not only for their products but also acting as social hubs combating loneliness. Convenience stores and marketplaces make a significant contribution to communities across Wales, providing flexible jobs and engaging in local initiatives. I am pleased to be able to provide support to convenience store retailers and colleagues and look forward to continuing to work with this important sector.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “Convenience stores play a vital role in countless communities across Wales and we are pleased to welcome the support of Julie James AM. Local shops operate at the heart of the communities that they serve and this is keenly felt in Wales, where the majority of local shops trade in isolated and rural areas. Retailers continue to invest in their stores to provide essential products and services to their customers, but there are a number of challenges that they face on a daily basis. We look forward to working with Julie James AM in the future on these issues and the other challenges that local shops face.”

Convenience stores continue to make a positive contribution to the communities that they trade in, providing over 27,000 jobs across Wales and playing an active role in their local areas with 82% of independent retailers engaging in some form of community activity in the past year.

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