Fly-tipping fixed penalty changes approved

I want residents to be aware that People who give their waste to someone “in good faith” who then fly-tips – could face a fixed penalty notice of £300.

New rules were agreed today by Assembly Members making it easier for councils to take action against householders who hand their waste to people not authorised to handle it.

They cost Welsh taxpayers £2m in clean-up costs in 2017-18.


Currently, residents can be issued with a fixed penalty notice if they fly-tip their waste themselves.

A Welsh Government report suggests that 60% of fly-tipping incidents originate from domestic households – often the result of the householder failing to check where the waste will end up allowing an unauthorised person to take it away.


There were 1,766 cases of fly-tipping reported to Swansea council last year. The authority carried out 2,213 investigations and five people were prosecuted.

It also handed out 1,346 statutory notices, 369 warning letters and two cases resulted in people being given formal cautions.

The ward with the highest number of incidents last year was Castle with 208. This was followed by Morriston with 161; Uplands with 145; and Mynyddback with 109.


Hopefully these figures will be reduced by the new plans passed by the Senedd on Tuesday which mean a fixed penalty of £300 – reduced to £150 if paid early – could be given to households that breach their “waste duty of care”.