Julie Visits Matthew’s House

I was in Matthew’s House last Friday to raise awareness about the fantastic work that the project does for homeless and vulnerable people in Swansea. One expression of the project is Matt’s Cafe, whose food is supplied from local supermarkets including Tesco and Marks & Spencer. The shops alert the project to food surplus that is still good to eat, but no longer able to be sold. They also take food donations from some stalls in Swansea Market, and elsewhere in the community. The army of volunteers at Matthew’s House collect all the donations, cook lovely meals from them and feed these to anyone in Swansea who could do with a good meal. Food that was destined for bins now finds it way into hungry bellies, all centred on the ethos of hospitality and hope in the heart of the city.

Whilst kept safely away from the stove, I was happy to help out with many other tasks. I spent time chatting to volunteers and guests about Matthew’s House and the difference it has made. I also had time to help set up for some upcoming events!

Matt’s Café operates a pay-as-you-feel donation philosophy, which means guests can donate with dignity or simply choose to eat for free. Those who can afford to do so are able to donate more, knowing that they are helping to put a meal on the plate of someone less fortunate. The team of dedicated volunteers work hard to give Matthew’s House the feel of a home where genuine hospitality is experienced by all who walk through the doors, regardless of their background, beliefs or circumstances.

Matthew’s House are always looking for people to provide regular monthly support in terms of money, skills or volunteer hours. They also post regularly about what they need on their Facebook page. Two of the most common meal ingredients they seek are oil and onions, since most meals begin with these! If you or anyone you know could help this amazing local volunteer-led, funded and run project please get in touch at www.matthewshouse.org.uk.