Latest COVID-19 Guidance

The latest evidence shows cases of coronavirus are increasing. This means we need to introduce further measures to slow down the spread of the virus.

  • We previously asked everyone who had symptoms – a new persistent cough or a temperature – to stay at home for seven days.
  • If you or anyone in your household has one of those two symptoms, then you should now stay at home for 14 days. If possible you should not go out – even to buy food, other than for exercise. If you have to go out stay a safe distance from other people to help slow down the spread of the virus.
  • We are asking everyone in Wales to think about your daily lives and consider what steps we can all take to reduce the spread of coronavirus by not mixing with large groups of people – could we work from home, for example, or stop mixing with others, for the coming weeks while coronavirus is circulating.
  • This advice is really important for people who are over 70; for people who have an underlying medical condition (people who would normally receive a free flu jab) and for pregnant women. For most people coronavirus will be a mild illness, but these are the groups of people who are most at risk of developing a more serious illness and who we need to protect.
  • It is likely we will be announcing more extraordinary measures in the next week to protect the most vulnerable groups. We will keep you informed about this.
  • We understand this is extremely unsettling and there will be many questions. We are doing our best to ensure guidance is available and this will be updated to the Public Health Wales website and the Welsh Government website as soon as possible.
  • Larger gatherings should not go ahead – we want to make sure all our public and emergency services are available to respond to the outbreak.