Raising awareness about cancer diagnosis

I visited the Cancer Awareness Roadshow in Swansea, which is on oxford street 10:00am-4:00pm 22nd-26th of July. I climbed on board to learn more about the steps people can take to reduce their risk of cancer and the vital importance of spotting it early.
The earlier cancer is detected the better chance someone has. Treatment is often simpler and more likely to be effective.
I wholeheartedly support Cancer Research UK’s call to encourage people to try and spot cancer early as early diagnosis can save lives.

More people are surviving cancer than ever before, but thousands of deaths could still be prevented each year if more cancers were diagnosed and treated at an early stage.
CRUK said: “If you notice any unusual or persistent changes in your body, visit your GP without delay.
“If it is something serious then finding it early could make all the difference.”

Wales is the first UK nation to develop a ‘single cancer pathway’ which aims to reduce the time that patients have to wait to receive cancer diagnostic tests and for their treatment to start. Once the new pathway is in place, a patient’s waiting time will begin from the point of a suspicion of cancer rather than the point of diagnosis.