Supporting World Environment Day

Today I am taking part in World Environment Day by calling on everyone to act to “make every day World Environment Day.”

Part of the day has been dedicated to supporting the species we champion across Wales as AMs and I was happy to join WWF Cymru and RSPB Cymru on World Environment Day to celebrate Welsh nature – and stick the species I champion, the Native Oyster, to the map of Wales.

I am very proud to be part of a government that is taking climate change seriously and fully support our Welsh Labour Government’s decision to declare a climate emergency. I believe that we all have a role to play in creating a culture that promotes the day to day change needed by all of us to stop climate catastrophe.

Here are five things we could all do to make a difference:

1. Walk or ride your bike to work, school and anywhere you can (The Welsh Labour Government has invested significantly in active travel routes and passed the ground-breaking Active Travel Act)
2. Recycle (Wales has the best recycling rates in the UK and the third best in the world)
3. Make your home more energy efficient
4. Refil Nation (The Welsh Government is committed to making Wales the world’s first Refill nation. Read more here
5. Drive smarter. Slow down (The First Minister Mark Drakeford has stated that the Welsh Government believe that 20mph should be the default speed limit for residential areas. This will help reduce emissions and encourage active travel)

At the end of April the Welsh Labour Government declared a climate emergency. The Welsh Government has committed to achieving a carbon neutral public sector by 2030 and to coordinating action to help other areas of the economy to make a decisive shift away from fossil fuels. Earlier this year it published Prosperity for All: A Low Carbon Wales, which sets out 100 policies and proposals to meet the 2020 carbon emissions targets.
The plan for 2021-26 is already being prepared and will go further and faster. Welsh Government is also currently reviewing farmer support post Brexit with public goods element and updating its Nature Recovery Action Plan to drive urgent action to increase the resilience of our ecosystems in order to reverse the decline in habitats and species.

Read prosperity for all here